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This is where we help you navigate through the complexities of reopening your business doors once again. We have made this possible through our high-quality, effective, and most comprehensive disinfection sprayers and COVID Certified disinfectants.

Welcome to Jereh Spray Disinfection Company

At Jereh Spray, our goal is to help you open your business while ensuring a safe, clean, and COVID-19 free environment so that everyone, including you, your employees, and customers, feel secure. We strive to provide you with products and technologies like our advanced electrostatic disinfectant sprayer to deep clean and disinfect your surroundings and protecting them from all kinds of germs – ensuring you reopen and stay open with sheer confidence and zero worries.

By investing in our electrostatic disinfection system and Quantum disinfection technology, you can keep your office’s germs free at all times.

Whether your facility is a retail store, factory, or commercial building, we help ensure that you have access to the best products to ensure effective cleaning of surfaces and key touchpoints of your facility. We want you to resume operations without any risk to you, your business, the people who work with you as your team and your customers

Our Premium and Certified Disinfectants

At Jereh Spray, we offer our customers premium and certified disinfectants. Our disinfectants are Health Canada, EPA, and CDC approved and certified for COVID applications. These certifications ensure that our products can be used for disinfecting areas that have been exposed to COVID-19 germs or may be at risk of this virus. Use them to keep your turf COVID-19 free, especially areas with high foot traffic, such as:




Retirement homes




Public facilities


Sports facilities


Fire department


Retail stores

Fast Delivery, No Long Waiting Time

With us, there is no long waiting time.Whether you need an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer, PPE accessories, NanoSeptic or products from our Quantum water disinfection, we can provide you with them all in the fastest delivery time.

You will not have to wait long for your purchase to arrive at your doorstep as we ship quickly. Rest assured, you won’t have to compromise or slow down you’re cleaning and disinfecting office regime because of a slow delivery or delay in the delivery of your products.

We ship all of your desired products in the fastest time so you can up your cleaning routine and keep your surrounding disinfected and COVID-19 free.


Get Back to Business

Explore our wide range of electrostatic disinfection systems and disinfectants today. Select the products you need to keep your business premises clean, sanitized, and disinfected from all types of germs and COVID-19.

Enhance facility disinfection the right way and open doors to your business with confidence.

What We Offer

Disinfection Solutions

In the 15 years, we have been in business, Jereh Sprayers is fast becoming a premier supplier of disinfection equipment, sprayers, and solutions. We team up with industry leaders in disinfection solutions manufacturing to bring you the very best and the latest in spraying and disinfection technology.

We offer a wide range of sprayers and disinfection solutions designed, formulated, and put together by the leading industry brand. We maintain various sizes and mechanisms so every client can choose the solution that best fits their specific facility needs.

Continuous Protection Nanoshield Self-cleaning Surfaces

We offer a specialized high-touch disinfection service that is fully automated and delivers a flawless disinfection service throughout your premises. Nanoshield’s continuous activity defends against viruses and bacteria to provide a practical and cost-saving solution between scheduled cleanings. Nanoshield is available in rolls or tape, and the film can be sized and customized for a variety of applications.nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction.

Water Filtration

Most businesses are reopening after a long break, which means they require proper disinfecting and inspection of their stagnant water tanks and lines. Legionnaires and other germs make their home in still water and, unless your dormant water tanks are inspected and cleaned, your employees may fall ill after using this water.
We have recently begun to market a water filtration system that filters out these contaminants and makes your water perfectly safe.

Protocol Development & Training

We also offer a comprehensive service where we create a set of protocols for your personnel, allowing you to keep them safe as they return to work in numbers. In this Service, we design a set of protocols for your staff and train them to follow these protocols upon entry into your facility and before exiting. The protocols also include guidelines and best practices for building and maintaining a safe environment during work shifts. We set up the protocols, train your staff on them, and include vital publications and materials, such as protocol checklists, in the package.

What People Say About Us

I have the opportunity to use on of the electrostatic sprayers for my work, working in the First Aid industry and my personal home. They have proven to be both sturdy, complete in every detail in what they do for me in both of these places.

Steve Baker

Zak is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about all the products. Zak is helpful, kind, and friendly.

Ned Zerwic

Zak is super kind and just from one phone conversation, I knew that he only had good intentions to help others. You won't regret using their products and services!

Lea Rifkin

The sprayer and Puroxi (my disinfectant) are both fantastic products and work incredibly well together. I spray everything from my groceries, clothes, surfaces and anything else you can think of. It gives me total peace of mind in such crazy times.Thanks Zak you have a customer for life.

Max Pattison

We help businesses of all kinds, keep their business disinfected from COVID and other germs, with an easy to implement, proven system that is affordable, guaranteed.

Lin Alex

The electric sprayer has saved so much time. Makes disinfecting almost effortless. The battery seems to last forever too. 10/10 recommend

Colt Brown

I find that this is the perfect spraying system to keep us safe during COVID times.

Jacqui Clearwater

I now truly believe that this virus can be eradicated with proper procedures including the system we bought. I’ve now included the sprayer system into our day to day lives as well as brought it to my work (a lodge including the restaurant) and we will never go back.

Reema d’Endel

Very efficient and easy-to-use sprayer with a long-lasting battery. I use it every time I come home to disinfect my clothing, shoes, bags, and anything else I bring in with me. Gives me a sense of comfort and confidence knowing that I’m protecting me and my wife.

Frank Cmelak

I use this in my garden to spray my veggies and fruit, I also use it for disinfection of my home and groceries etc.It is easy to operate and very economicalLove this sprayer. When I unload my groceries, I spray them wait one min before I put them away.The fact that I can use the peroxide OB on my produce and everywhere else is a bonus.


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