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Our Jereh electrostatic disinfectant sprayer help immobilize and effectively kill 99.9 percent of the widely-known bacteria, viruses, microbes, and fungi.

Tried & Tested

Our products are effective against 500 plus pathogens, including covid-19, sars-cov-1, sars-cov-2, mers-cov, e. Coli, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, h1n1, h3n2, and more.

Approved & Certified

All of our disinfectants are EPA, Health Canada, and CDC approved and certified for COVID applications.

Proven Surface Protection for a Significantly Safer Environment

At Jereh Spray, we offer a wide range of disinfection equipment and disinfectants, proven to provide surface protection. With our products and technologies, you can ensure a safe environment at home or in the office. Our products are ideal for businesses with previous Coronavirus exposure or those looking to be proactive with their disinfections before opening doors to employees and guests alike.

We Have the Best Weapons in Our Arsenal to Help You Fight Covid-19 and Keep Your Territory Clean and Safe

As the unseen threat of Covid-19 continues to pose a severe threat to the safety and life of people, merely cleaning and disinfecting homes and offices with standard disinfectants isn’t good or safe enough to kill the Covid-19 virus.

Our Jereh electrostatic disinfectant sprayer uses electrically charged tips on the sprayer’s end to add a positive charge to droplets. This charge repels the particles from one another and creates a fine mist. Furthermore, the droplets seek out for and wrap bacteria-infested areas in neutrally or negatively charged surfaces.

Backed by 15 Years of Industry Experience!

Unlike others, we are not in the business to mint money or cash in on situations like Covid-19 to grow our sales and profits. We have been in the farm disinfection business for more than 15 years. For years, farmers have been misting crops efficiently instead of dripping them with chemicals. Our patented Jereh electrostatic sprayer use the same technology and concept to help treat and disinfect surfaces.

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