What if High-touch Surfaces Disinfected Themselves?

Even with teachers and custodians following district and CDC recommended procedures, it’s time-consuming and difficult to keep up with disinfecting all the surfaces students touch most. Nanoshield gives educators, parents and staff confidence that you’re doing everything you can to keep facilities and classrooms clean and prevent the spread of disease. This clear, adhesive film self-disinfects in minutes, killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus, influenza, norovirus, staphylococcus and e.coli.

Protecting high-touch surfaces with a nanotechnology-powered, self-cleaning film reflects your commitment to health and safety at every touchpoint, literally.

ATM display using Nanoshield Film

Keep Facility’s Surfaces Germ Free

Campus and school administrators around the world are using Nanoshield to take a hands-off approach to disinfecting high-touch surfaces. Save time, money and resources, plus put staff, parents and students at ease with this adhesive, self-disinfecting film.
Nanoshield Self-cleaning Sheet

Areas Most Commonly Used In


Door Handles




Elevator Buttons


Hand Rails



Engage True Professionals for Facility Disinfection Before Reopening Your Business

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