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Engineering exceptionally, this JerehSpray Electrostatic Vehicle Sprayer is a product of the Jereh Group – one of the industry’s leading brand names and contributor in battling with COVID-19. Jereh Group has established its footprints in Calgary, Alberta and all over Canada with more than 56000 employees in over 70 nations. It a name you can trust.

JerehSpray Electrostatic Vehicle Sprayers are becoming massively popular among business owners across industries for all the right reasons. Here are some of the many reasons that make this electrostatic disinfectant sprayer possibly the best on the market today.

Top Product Features

It features ULV (ultra-low volume) technology which means you only use 1L, which is 31oz compared to conventional sprayers that use 10L, which is nearly 352oz. This means that this backpack’s ULV spraying mechanism saves disinfectant by almost 50% more than a traditional spraying method, lowering the need for excessive disinfectant use and replenish frequency altogether. This is a huge advantage as you can use the ULV liquid to disinfect your space for a longer time. You won’t run out of it frequently, thereby saving money and time.

The droplets released by Jereh Electrostatic backpack sprayer are 40 um in size. This shows that the droplets are fine and uniform. 40 um is only half the diameter size of adult hair. Therefore, when distributed evenly, these tiny and fine droplets maximize the disinfection effect by approximately ten times and, more importantly, without extra disinfectant.

The spraying effect is powerful and effective, with the potential to reach small and narrow spaces. Moreover, the droplets have a 360° target offering fully wrapped and complete disinfection. It is perfect for controlling the pandemic in public areas and offices with heavy traffic.

Another great feature about Jereh’s electrostatic backpack sprayer is the battery life. It is deployed with a 24V lithium battery which continuously powers the device for as long as 3 hours on a single charge, sparing you from charging the device frequently.

The battery will last for three hours straight, allowing users to effectively and efficiently disinfect major areas without worrying about a low battery. However, when needed, you can charge the battery in about 180 minutes.

One of the biggest advantages of the Jereh electrostatic backpack sprayer is operational convenience. The product features a backpack design with wide straps. It enables users to easily carry the disinfectant anywhere and comfortably spray in every nooks and corner.

A full tank will cover approximately 2700 square feet (250.83m). The spraying distance of this backpack sprayer is 6.6’ (2m), which allows users to spray and disinfect a wide range of areas easily and quickly with minimum manpower. Furthermore, with this device, you can disinfect approximately 30,000 square feet (2787m) area on a single charge.

Apart from that, the other features about Jereh electrostatic backpack sprayers worth mentioning are that:

The equipment has a sound decibel of only 60db, which is lower in noise than a conventional device. Thus, you can easily use these sprayers to disinfect your business premises as and when needed with minimal disruption or distraction to the people in the surroundings.

Tested and Certified

Furthermore, they are CE certified and safe to use in different public places like



Shopping malls






Parking Lots






Concert Halls


Sports Facilities


Public Transport Depots


Catering Services


Ships And other high traffic places

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